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Fan Favorites | Faith and Feminism with Meghan Tschanz

October 18, 2021 Kate Boyd ⎜ Writer, Speaker, Bible Teacher, Biblical Community Coach Season 4 Episode 20
Untidy Faith
Fan Favorites | Faith and Feminism with Meghan Tschanz
Show Notes

My guest today is Meghan Tschanz, a writer, speaker, and former missionary who is passionate about empowering women and reclaiming feminism for the Christian faith. She's a co-author of the cookbook "Recipes To Take Down the Patriarchy", host of the Faith and Feminism podcast, and an avid traveler. She and her husband, Dustin, live in northeast Georgia. We talk about faith, feminism, and finding purpose from life overseas. 

Quick content warning: there is discussion of sex trafficking and similar rough topics within this episode.

If you want to keep up with Meghan, you can find her online at ...

Follow her on Twitter: @meghantschanz.


Instagram: @meghantschantz


Her book Women Rising is also for sale now and available at the link in our show notes. https://www.ivpress.com/women-rising

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